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RUKUNGIRI ORPHAN PARTNERSHIP and the Rev John and Alice Tumusiime

We got to know John and Alice when they visited a member of our church family.  We were inspired by their infectious everyday faith.  They invited us to visit them in Uganda - a group of us did.  Let us know if you are interested.  You’d be most welcome too.


They live in RUKUNGIRI  in beautiful SW Uganda.

We stayed in their guest house, the Rondavels, which has a life size giraffe in the garden and an elephant. Nearby is their Vocational Training Centre, the Gables, where orphans learn skills to earn their living.  Its logo “God’s Love in Action” kind of sums up John and Alice as well.









About 20 years ago, several groups of “double orphans” adopted John & Alice and came to live in their home, but what about schooling ?  Practical as ever, John & Alice decided to convert a block of 3 skills workshops they had into classrooms and started building more with the help of mission teams from abroad. Friends of theirs in the UK began a fund to help with this work and to sponsor orphans. As funds allowed and land was made available, accommodation was built for visitors to stay; and also the Gables in 2000 replaced the former skills training centre. Of course prayer is in all this.  And as Alice said, “We have been living on miracles with no budget, but the Lord has given us dreams and enabled them to be fulfilled.”  (There are no Government grants).


NOW the Primary School is top-performing with a committed professional Staff plus a Matron as there are several hundred boarders, and other non-teaching staff. It was an answer to prayer to find a local qualified Counsellor and set apart, then decorate with volunteer help, a special Room for them. Orphans have fears and effects of traumas. A Nursery School was completed last year very near. Getting food for hundreds of children, when there is little available locally - yet another challenge met with prayer and vision and action; this time seeking farmland to grow food on.  Our own Harvest Appeal has fed into this.  It is a privilege and a joy to be, with Alice and John, in the PARTNERSHIP which this “multi-blessing” Mission and Ministry remains. We pray for them – see our Quarterly prayer points.


It became a registered Charity in 2007. Donations go direct (no admin costs). To sponsor a primary child costs £20 a month through Mrs Judy Cave:


To see much much more go to their website:     

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