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The Diocese of Kagera, Tanzania has a special link with the Diocese of St Edmundsbury and Ipswich.  The link was established in 1994.


Kagera is a beautiful region, mostly of steeply hilled savannah country. It is one of the poorest areas in Tanzania. The church is growing rapidly as it serves the communities through spiritual nurture, healthcare, education and poverty alleviation with the aim …. “that they may have fullness of life in Christ” John 10.10.


There are two church schools in the diocese – a primary and a secondary.  Ngara Anglican Primary School (NAPS) was re-established in 2006 with several new classrooms being built as a result of an appeal in our own diocese.  However, more classrooms are still needed and both the schools continue to struggle with very small resources.


Murgwanza Hospital was built in the 1930’s by Australian missionaries from CMS. It is in a remote location and serves a huge area. The nurse training school has been expanded to satisfy staffing needs and also to provide better medical care to remote villages.  However, it needs additional resources if it is to continue to develop but is currently at risk of Government funding cuts.


The two major health problems in Kagera (as in so many other parts of Africa) are malaria and HIV/AIDS.  It is estimated that approximately 17% of the population of Kagera suffer from HIV/AIDS.  Malnutrition and inadequate water supplies and drainage compound these health problems.


The new Bishop, Bishop Darlington, was enthroned on 29th October 2017.


Visit the Kagera page on the St Edmundsbury and Ipswich Diocese website.

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