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The Church Mission Society was born in 1799, in the crucible of the campaign to abolish slavery and William Wilberforce was indeed one of its founders.  It has always had justice and evangelism at its heart.


Today it is a community of people in mission working in over 35 countries across the world in South America, Europe, Africa and Asia.  For much of its early life CMS was based at a central office in London and its major concern was the training and equipping of missionaries to go from the UK and work abroad.  Indeed, even today, many people probably still have just that idea of mission work.  However, that is emphatically not what CMS is now about.  The key feature today of CMS work is supporting ‘mission from everywhere to everywhere’.  Within this framework, mission partners of many different nationalities are supported across the globe including some from other countries who are working in the UK.  To facilitate this change a new CMS Africa base has been established in Nairobi and the plan is to establish others in Europe, Asia and South America.


Our own Link Mission Partner is Catherine Lee.  Catherine began working as a mission partner in 1990 in Tanzania.  However, in 1999 Catherine moved to work in Taiwan.  She is now based on the campus of St. John’s University in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan.  She works as an assistant university chaplain and is also involved in outreach work to many schools and churches.  In addition, Catherine provides support to the Diocese of Taiwan office where, amongst other things, she produces a regular English language newsletter covering all the Episcopal churches in Taiwan.  We are in regular contact with Catherine via email, telephone, Link Letters and also during her four-yearly trip back to the UK.

Click here to read Catherine's latest Link Letter.


Visit the CMS website.

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