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Peter's mammoth cycle ride from 
Lands End to John O'Groats
raising money for Access Community Trust


After all the hard pedalling, up hills and down dales, Rev Peter Langford finally completed his epic cycle ride from Lands End to John O'Groats on Thursday 21st September having raised over £39,000 (so far).  Thank you to everyone who has supported Peter either financially, with prayer or keeping him company on his ride.  We are truly blessed to have Peter in our Parish 

An entry from Peter's Son reflecting on his ride with dad

It's obvious that the journey has led to a real bond between them and is something that will bring

them pleasure I'm sure.... and what a talking point.

The next few pictures were forwarded via WhatsApp, so not really sure when they were taken or where but they certainly show just how many people Peter has met and riden with on his journey.

taking a well earned rest.png
sustanance intake.png

Taking in some well earned sustenance before setting off again

with a companion.png
Edinburgh here I come.png
the three amigos.png
Me and my friend also making the journey.png

Just a little random picture taken with Peter's friend from Beccles before they both left for John O'Groats.  Peter by bike and Jonathan by  public transport...... they are both close to arriving.

Look out Edinburgh Peter is on his way!!!

Edinburgh I think.png
somewhere very busy.png
unknown bridge.png
text from Peter.png

Well Peter eventually arrived

safely and we are sure everyone was really pleased that he made the epic journey.   What an 

achievement!!!! and for a very good cause.

Thanking God for his safe arrival!!!!

With his two friends.

Both made the journey and completed it weary but grateful.

And so the two intrepid travellers arrived home safely in Beccles.

This time on a train, chatting surely about their travels and who they met along the way.........WELL DONE!

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